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Professional Development Workshops

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Elevate your career with our Professional Development Workshops. These short, focused courses cover a wide range of topics, from leadership and time management to digital marketing and project management. Expand your skill set and gain a competitive edge in your field with our practical workshops.

Material Includes

  • Course Handbooks: Comprehensive handbooks with workshop content, resources, and reference materials.
  • Workshop Materials: Specific materials or tools related to the workshop's focus (e.g., leadership assessments, project management templates).


  • Professional Background: Relevant professional experience or qualifications, depending on the workshop topic.
  • Registration: Successful registration for the specific workshop(s) of interest.

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Ahmed Al-Mansoori

Score: 7.5

Fatima Khan

Score: 8.0


Score: 6.5

Layla Nassar

Score: 7.0

Karim Salim

Score: 8.5


Score: 6.0

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