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Language Skills for Business

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Communication is key in the business world. Our Language Skills for Business course focuses on enhancing your language proficiency for professional interactions. Learn business English, etiquette, and communication strategies to excel in your career and business endeavors.

Material Includes

  • Business Vocabulary Guides: In-depth guides with essential business terminology and jargon.
  • Communication Templates: Templates for business emails, reports, and other written communication.


  • Basic Language Proficiency: A basic understanding of the language in which the course is conducted.
  • Access to Course Materials: Access to the course materials, which may include textbooks or online resources.

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Ahmed Al-Mansoori

Score: 7.5

Fatima Khan

Score: 8.0


Score: 6.5

Layla Nassar

Score: 7.0

Karim Salim

Score: 8.5


Score: 6.0

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